• Liquidity

    • Farm FATE

      Provide liquidity & Earn FATE

      Estimated APR -%

      0 FATE shared every day

      Farm FATEWAX

      Stake liquidity & Earn FATEWAX

      Farm up to an extra 6% FATEWAX by staking

    • Provide liquidity

      • liquidity
      • liquidity
      • WAX reserve: 0 WAX
      • FATE reserve: 0 FATE
      • Expected FATEWAX: 0 FATEWAX
      • Pool share: 0.00%
  • Extracting

    • Burn NFT

      Burn NFT & Extract FATE

    • Play to Earn FATE

      We have been subject to Immersys will for untold years. In that time, it has kept us unaware, while it has used our essence, our Fate, to shape everything within the Sphere of Fate.
      But now, we have learned to undo the process and take back what was stolen. We can now break down materials found upon the Sphere of Fate and surrounding planets to reclaim the Fate stored within.

  • NTF Staking

    • Stake NFT

      Stake NFT & Earn FATE

      0 FATE shared every day

    • Stake NFT

      We have discovered that Immersys wants us to create things. It appears to channel Fate to those who hold onto more complex items.
      The more Energy we expend in creating the item, the more Immersys seems to value it.